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Tatra | Magic Knight Rayearth | 1/4 | Hope I'm doing this right?

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Name/Handle: Alex
Age: 19
Plurk: flamingchemist
Current Characters: N/A

Character Name: Tatra

Source: Magic Knight Rayearth
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Tatra | Magic Knight Rayearth | 2/4

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Tatra is the calm and friendly to her sister’s agitated and thorny. She faces all things with a smile and most things with a nice warm cup of tea.
We first meet Tatra and Tarta of Chizeta as they ride to Cephiro in their (rather overtly oil-lamp-shaped) battleship to vie with the other surrounding countries for control of the troubled land. The two princesses of Chizeta have a remarkable sense of duty to their homeland to come along on a mission that may well be impossible, all to expand their tiny country and give their citizens much needed space to live.
Despite this sense of duty, the first words Tatra says upon coming within sight of the country Cephiro are that it’s really rather small. This she says with a smile and a giggle, as though she were calling a mountain “cute”. As the older of the two sisters, Tatra has made it her responsibility to keep her younger, more energetic sister in the realm of reality. She doesn’t allow Tarta to become overwhelmed by her own dreams.
Tatra’s frank declarations of truth are always accompanied with a spoonful of sugar. Her sweet smile and relaxed posture give the impression of perfect calm; nothing could phase her. She reminds her sister that although the truth may not be what she wants it to be, there is always a positive spin you can put on it. Tatra’s world does not revolve around being correct: it revolves around happiness, and around her sister.
The two princesses are nearly inseperable. They make a perfect pair to rule a country: One calm and optimistic, the other intense and forceful. Although Tarta could easily take control by sheer force of personality, Tatra eases her back to calm through her own antics and the façade of innocent naïvety. The two tease each other back and forth, Tarta with anger and Tatra with big, watery eyes.
Although she does not appear to be the more mature at first glance, Tatra has a grace belying her royalty that Tarta cannot copy. In a meeting between the three invading forces over Cephiro, she is the only one apart from Eagle Vision who is able to keep her cool. Rather than become aggitated at his suggestion that they give up, she turns the question around and asks what motivates Eagle Vision. She also appears to be the only challenger who knows the story of Cephiro’s Pillar System and has an intimate knowledge of other countries.
Tatra herself has no personal stock in the invasion. Rather, she comes along to support her sister, even though she knows it is a difficult quest likely impossible for the both of them. From both their attack style and their constant closeness, it is clear that the two rely deeply on each other. Tatra is a stable rock for Tarta to cling to in times of trouble. When trouble comes, Tatra is inevitably ready to handle it with a dark seriousness completely the opposite of her usual carefree attitude. Even though she has the power to take control, Tatra supports all of her sisters decisions while doing her best to act as a guide.
She may act ditzy and airheaded, but Tatra is definitely the more thoughtful of the Chizeta princesses. She is the first of the invaders to question the others’s motives and come to a reasonable conclusion without prejudice. When challenged by danger, Tatra’s determination and anger are a force to be reckoned with. In the arena for the strongest will in Cephiro’s universe, she may well place in third with the strength to challenge the runner up, Eagle Vision. She does not use this power lighlty, however. She uses her strength to protect herself, her sister, and her country.

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Here goes. (1/??)

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Name/Handle: Seizui(name)/reize_seatlan(handle)
Age: 26
AIM/YIM/MSN/Plurk/Etc: Seizui@AIM
Current Characters: None

Character Name: Reize Seatlan

Source: Original
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Re: Here goes. (2/??)

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Personality: (..You're going to hate me. ENJOY! :D)

Around the general population, Reize can be preceived as an energetic, upbeat kid with an extrovert personality. He carries himself with full of vigor and optimism. He is pretty friendly and approachable, often more cheerful than he should be. Often times, Reize is more likely to initiate the conversation because curiosity always draws him. He tends to be very expressive, his movements also emphasizing his facial and speeches.

His manner of speaking is more informal, carrying no real familiarity with the customs and courtesies that the higher class seem to carry. Though, he can adapt He is sometimes a bit cautious over what he'll tell a person if it's something bad. In fact, he'd be hesitant and may likely sugarcoat it the best that he can as to not offend(and get them even more angry). He carries a childish sense of humor, but lacks the cruelty of the humor that kids would have. Most of that tends to be drawn to minor practical jokes, but can laugh at some of the silliest of jokes.

Reize is not the most patient of person. This is likely due to the fact that he is very eager to follow on the feeling that he has. Sometimes, he wants to rush in and see what lies beyond the mysterious veil.

Reize, however, carries a paternal demeanor to those younger than him. Part of it is due to the influence of growing up with younger siblings where he has to be the big brother of the group. Part of that also comes from growing up as the 'big brother' to a group of kids that he made a 'guild' with.

On the flip side, Reize tends to be a bit of a foolish kid. Curiosity overcomes common sense by far, and he abandons the latter a lot when the former draws him. He can be very simple-minded at times, more complex things tend to fly over his head. He is easily impressionable. There are also times when he may leap before he looks, likely getting those who travel along with him into a bit of danger.

Despite of the faults, Reize does have a heart of gold and is very caring to people. He believes in everything that he does.

The boy can, however, grow indignant. When he does, he tends to puff his cheeks before expressing his defensive nature like a child would. If angered, he acts out of emotion, furthering his leap before looking mentality.

Raised by his father, who was a hero and a knight of his time, Reize has his values based on the Knight's vows. It is his source of wisdom that he tries to understand everyday. He upholds those ideals as a stone, considering that is how a knight is supposed to act. Some of the ideals may be practical, others are situational. However, Reize holds all of those ideals as a creed and knows them all, strangely, by heart. Though, there are times when Reize would have to deviate from the strictness of it if the intentions are good. It goes along with his idealism that everyone has a bit of good in them.

The Knight's vows are the reason for his bravery. While Reize likes being alive, he tends to put it on risk for what he believes is right, following the vows. It is when he'll take up 'the sword' to fight in order to defend. Sometimes, he cannot believe that he is risking his life, but he believes this is how the knight's vows should be exemplified. It is his courage that guides him.

Reize has two personal treasures that he values more than anything. One of them happens to be a pendant that his father gave him. This was a token from one of his adventures and he felt that Reize exemplified how he used to be in his adventuring days. He promises to make his father proud of him and upkeep that idealistic nature. The other treasure is a deck of tarot cards that belonged to his mother. It was a birthday gift that was given to him with the story that his birth mother wanted him to have it. He has never met her, yet with the tarots, he feels that she is with him in spirit.

The boy holds an idealistic nature that people, despite how bad that they seem, have enough good in them that they are not totally evil. It is to the point where he will want to believe in it despite the person showing a lack of compassion for what they do. As such, his idealism makes him a bit naive and easily fooled by those that can manipulate the idealistic side.

If proven to be betrayed, Reize is an extremist on both sides. He is less forgiving than others may be if the person is trying to redeem themselves. Once betrayed, Reize is very likely to be wary of the person's intentions. If his faith is crushed, there is a large chance of him going to the darker side. It's either one way or another.

Here goes. (3/??)

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Here goes. (4/??)

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Here goes. (5/5)

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Re: Here goes. (5/5)

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Alright, take two.

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Renne || An Original Character App, Part I

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Age: I am well into the age range of legally buying alcoholic beverages, though I can't see so don't ask me to drive. ;-)
AIM: ThriceDisplaced
Plurk: treebitingimp
OOC DreamWidth: thricedisplaced
Current Characters: None.


Character Name:

Original Character

Renne is a paradox amongst life-forms. On the one hand, he is a jaded, even hardened type. Blunt to the bone and quite literally unable to tell a lie, he can only go so far as exaggeration or subterfuge in a dire circumstance. Beyond this, he has been called brutally honest and he frankly, doesn't care if "harsh truths" as he knows them, hurt any sensibilities. Regarding Humans, he distrusts them on an almost visceral level and he will not typically extend the hand of friendship to anyone.
You must earn his friendship. And friendship on his terms is not a fair-weather-friend, easy thing. With him, friendship is a very literal bond unto death. Thus, he is extremely scrutinous of who he draws to, who draws to him and in general, anyone he comes in contact with.
On the other hand, should one reach beyond the jadedness, Renne is insatiably curious and often gets into trouble for the knowledge he seeks so avidly. His emotions show on his skin unless he needs to remain neutral or hidden otherwise. If he has a question, ten to one, he will ask it. If ever his trust is gained, one might find him either exploring something with intense interest or, if in a playful mood, romp around and pretend he's some sort of superhero. Or he'll just pounce and throw pillows. Playfulness generally only emerges when or if he feels safe enough and/or trusts those around him enough to "let go".

He'll save your neck if you're in some serious trouble -- Life-threatening, potential slavery, those sorts of things. However, he will only extend his help once. If it is refused, he will not offer it again. Likewise, if he is betrayed or "left behind", don't expect him to come save your tail. He won't.

Re: Renne || An Original Character App, Part II

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History: Little Neon Gods

The hour was late.

They both should have already been indoors but curiosity was always a prize/problem with them. They could see the twin moons high above, one behind the other. And they knew they had to watch their backs.

"Blood-kin, your thirst will wake the Crels again."

"I do not go in the Crels' direction, do I?"

"No, you do not. But why do you come out?"

"We have another Blood-Kin."

The twins stared each other down eye-to-eye for a good long minute. Older by three and a half Lifebreaths, R'hown felt in a few ways he was wiser. It wasn't a prideful kind of thing. It was more the elder-sibling mentality.

Lugh'ad had always been able to keep the stare of his twin. He had always been able to tell more than the usual Linking when his sibling was trying to tell an untruth. So he stared his elder twin down.

"Prove it, R'hown."

"You doubt me? You say I speak an untruth."

"I have doubt. Show me."

It's how they found themselves out here now staring eachother. Finally R'hown broke the stare, turned his back and crept along the steep tunnel he'd found in the palace catacombs. He had found this one when he'd slipped away from the ever-dutiful guards and hid behind one of the few banners that hung on the opaline walls.

He fell back gracelessly and slid down the passage.

That was when, a few moons ago, he found the albino.

"How do we get back in?"

"We do not."

Honestly, that confused Lug'had. R'hown had told him of the inner passage but they weren't crawling through that like a couple of taldreens. No. They were outside, creeping along the edge of the palace walls.

"You shall see."

The younger twin trusted R'hown. How could he not?

For a long time, they crept in silence, hugging close to the wall until the elder finally stopped and ducked under a rather shadowy niche.

"Here. And remain soundless."

Lug'had followed his brother to the letter.

Sliding back to let his younger sibling have a look, R'hown almost smiled. He could almost feel Lug'had trying not to Transcend right then and there.

The albino.

He was asleep, curled up in a tiny little hole of a thing with only that one way to get in or out. He was shorter than both of them and had the characteristic blue-black skin. It wasn't that that caught Lug'had's breath in his throat. It was the hands.

"He is ours?"

"He is ours, Lug'had."

The twin sons crouched low at the entrance of the hidden little place for almost half the night. R'hown couldn't help but stay.

Lug'had wondered what signature his Life-Bringer might give off.

R'hown wondered why this third sibling had never been felt.

Lug'had wondered what colour the eyes would be.

—Prologue: Little Neon Gods ©2008

.: A c r o s s . t h e . S e a . o f . S t a r s :.

His beginning origins aren't known by too many people in Rhy'Din or in the many places beyond that he's traveled. What's known is that he is strange, far from human—so they say—and that he is insatiable in his curiosity and will to learn. Once, a few scant months after entering Rhy'Din, a traveler said of him:

"Were I not certain of many worlds, I would not so easily believe he is from across a sea of stars."

In 1999 Earth-calendar, Renne was literally flung into the vast worlds and realms outside of his own as it was destroyed. By what, only a few people know and he never speaks of it to this day. Since then, many events have shaped him into what he is now. These events came in a relatively quick succession of one another but it can be said that they did both harm and good. The darker events tempered his thinking and the good times once gave him hope.

That same year, Renne found home in an isle some seven days south of the Rhy'Din mainland. He doesn't speak the place's name and there is reason for it. In a month's time, this home became forbidden ground. Come the month of June, Renne underwent a natural physiological process known in rough English as the "Time of the Changing" or "Time of Change". In simplest terms, his body regenerates itself every two years whilst to the untrained eye it appears that he has died. In all, the process takes two days to complete and generally only leaves him either physically weak or mentally slow for a short while. It was this process and the laws concerning it that forever kept him out of the place he calls "the Isle with No Name". It was this event that was the catalyst of learning the lesson called "Banishment" even if he only speaks little of it. All that is said is the mention of an error upholding dead laws. A grave error. It was an error that literally cost him his heart and created a permanent weak spot in the center of his chest. He relies now only on sustenance, warmth and a smallish gemstone in the middle of his chest for survival.

It didn't take him long to learn how to survive on his own even if that survival was as a nomadic minstrel. His nomadic life was, however, the key to leading him into his second lesson. In early 2000, Renne was traveling from tavern to tavern and in one, heard an unfair brawl start up -- Six against one. Thinking with a still very idealistic mind, Renne leapt into the fray and lent a hand to a lone vampire that in the end, became his hero. This era, like the life of the hero Pendrell Vodalia, was brief and shone like an eclipsing sun. And with the eclipsing sun, came the eclipsing moon.

For nearly a year, Renne remained locked up inside a stone tower he'd constructed. It was a physical manifestation of his grief of Pendrell's death and the Bond lost to this separation. He lost much of his grasp on English and in the end, created a small ghost story surrounding a "haunted tower in the wildernesses of the Rhy'Din mainland". When he emerged after that year of self-imprisonment, he had lost much of what had made him seem human. He was no longer six feet tall. He no longer walked upright and he no longer held his head up high. Just what happened is never said but on rare occasion, the name "Amadeus" is whispered in the night.

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Momiji Sohma | Fruits Basket

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Name/Handle: Kiki
Age: 20
AIM/YIM/MSN/Plurk/Etc: AIM- mskikiiv, Plurk- mskiki
Current Characters: n/a

Character Name: Momiji Sohma

Source: Fruits Basket ; previous game history from City of Cydonia
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Re: Momiji Sohma | Fruits Basket

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At first glance, Momiji is a ball of sunshine. He’s an energetic, friendly, and very outgoing teen. He’s acts like the type of guy who hasn’t a care in the world. Momiji is full of self confidence and finds joy in the simplest of things. He faces everyday with a smile and usually heads off even the worst situation with something positive.

Momiji is childish. He sees the world in the way a small child would; filled with wonder and excitement. Normal activities are treated like games and every outing has the chance to be an adventure. He’s easily distracted and given to whimsy. He’s playful, eager to tease his friends and indulge in tasteful pranks. He laughs readily at jokes and likes physical contact. Since he can’t be close to females, he tends to drape himself over his male friends and other cursed relatives. However he still tends to be touchy with the few females in his life, delighting in holding hands and other friendly contact. This isn’t about flirting to Momiji, he just likes feeling that another person is there and his touching is his way of showing his affection.

He is a highly affectionate person. When he loves someone he loves them deeply, putting them above himself. His close friends tend to get slathered in his joy. He can and will spend large sums of cash to get them nice gifts and will always plan trips and events with a level of perfection. Forgot about White’s day? He’ll take you to a ritzy spa. Want to go to a beach? He’ll rent out a summer home and bring plenty of fireworks and snacks. Momiji enjoys taking care of the people in his life and holds them as being precious. He’s willing to put himself on the line for his loved ones and will do what he must to keep them happy.

Perhaps a direct side effect of his past, Momiji is very empathic. He identifies with people quickly and can be affected by their experiences. He’s very thoughtful, despite the few who get to see it. He delves deep into the inner workings of the people around him, always trying to figure them out. Momiji also displays a surprisingly high level of maturity. He may act like a kid but he’s emotionally wise beyond his years and skillful at problem solving. Though the things he says seem random or nonsensical, he knows the best approach to any situation and only chooses to show his spirited side until he can no longer.

Underneath all that cheer and brightness hides his negative self. Momiji’s life has been hard and deep down the events of his past have affected him. His parents and their decisions about their family have left him torn between bitterness and sorrow. Though he loves them both, he’s been left feeling abandoned and uncared for. Being part of a cursed family has stunted his emotional ties. He can’t become too close to people outside of the secret in fear of what will become of Akito’s wrath. He’s caught between his family secret and a chance at a normal life. He’s realized that the person he loves will never love him, and he worries about his chance at a future with anyone.

Momiji has been exposed to pain since his youth. He knows that there is a darker side to the world, but chooses to act ignorant to it. It’s easier for him to make believe with the sunshine then think about the cruelty in front of him. So he keeps most of his problems well hidden and all the ‘bad’ emotions bottled up. He’s not easy to anger or even upset, because he’ll just ignore the issue and cheerfully change the subject. However, when he does suffer a loss or slight that he allows himself to feel, he takes it hard and quite personally.

Now all of this doesn’t mean the kind exterior is just an act. He does truly care about people and does look for the best in everyone. He just tends to exaggerate his 'good' qualities in order to keep with appearances.

His personality hasn’t changed much from his stay in Cydonia. The most notable difference is an increased sense of suspension and paranoia. This comes through by a wariness of new situations or places and an apprehension to technology. He also has a better sense of responsibility after being the main caretaker for two children for several months.
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Application: Curufin, The Silmarillion

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Name/Handle: Jen
Age: I’m 24.
AIM/YIM/MSN/Plurk/Etc: MSN, lomion56 at hotmail dot com
Email: lomion56 at gmail dot com. Or add my dw journal, wood_elf
Current Characters: [If already in the game] None

Character Name: Curufin

Source: The Silmarillion

Personality: I’ve included some backstory in this section as I think it’s relevant. Hope that’s OK.


Curufin, in short, is a fairly nasty piece of work.

He looks like a handsome, charming elf, with jet-black hair, a pale complexion and delicately pointed ears. He’s polite and attentive, softly-spoken with just a slight accent, maybe a little aloof with his princely upbringing. He could easily be mistaken for a nice guy.

He’s the fifth son of a dead, mad king. He spent most of his canon life following his father, and then his brothers, in pursuit of the Silmarils (more on those below), having sworn a binding and blasphemous oath to retrieve them, and gone into exile against the will of the Powers of his world.

His oath made him utterly ruthless, perhaps more so than any of his brothers, and he was willing to lie, steal and murder to get closer to his goal. It’s not clear how much of his personality was tied up with the oath, or whether he was just like that anyway. It’s most likely to be a bit of both. Certainly Curufin was heavily influenced by his father (

Examples of his less pleasant deeds include his role in the tale of Beren and Luthien – the epic love story of the Silmarillion. Guess who tried to break them up, kidnap and even attempt to murder Luthien. He gave a speech that so frightened another Elven population that they refused to help their King on a quest and from that day hid in their ravine and only fought by stealth and ambush. He’s known as Curufin the Crafty, even by his friends, and considered one of the worst of the sons of Fëanor – certainly the cruellest and the coldest.

On the more positive side, he is obsessed with his craft – again, see below. He takes a childlike joy in creation, and is also a perfectionist. Craft is his first love, and he always strives for excellence in what he does. He’s incredibly loyal to his family, to the point of clannishness, but even if he does not always see eye-to-eye with his brothers (particularly the elder, more moderate two, or the ditzy little twins) he will defend them with his life. Incidentally that’s how he died – or he’ll claim so. They were attacking another Elven kingdom after attempts to retrieve his father’s Silmarils. You could say he was very driven and determined.
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Curufin, part 2

[personal profile] wood_elf 2012-01-02 06:46 pm (UTC)(link)
History/Pull Point:
I’m taking his pull point to be his death. In his universe, given his very wicked deeds, he’d probably have a considerable spell in the afterlife waiting-room to think about what he did before the Powers would consider letting him having a new body.

Or he could just show up here without having learned anything. ;)

Abilities/Special Powers/Non average skills:
Main universe-specific thing is that Elves are immortal – their bodies can be killed but they come back, after a given length of time, and are re-embodied. So Curufin is used to not ageing and being generally more physically resilient than puny mortals.

His father (and son) are both renowned jewel-crafters, being responsible for respectively the Silmarils and the Rings of Power, the same sparklies that caused hundreds of years of wars and generally horrible things happening. They have various magical properties – the Silmarils glow with light and seem to have a mesmerising, addictive effect on anyone who comes into contact with them, and the Rings of Power can enhance the wielder’s powers and have various other magical effects (see He isn’t bringing any of these items into the game, but just to give an idea what kind of magic is available in his universe (or his immediate family).

It’s never mentioned in canon whether Curufin was also a crafter but I think it’s reasonable to assume that he was, and that’s what I’m going with – he just never got to have a magnum opus of his own as he spent most of his life fighting to regain his father’s jewels. That, along with making time for intriguing, kidnapping princesses, slaying his kin etc. Like his father and son, he is specialised in gemology and jewel-crafting with some minor enchanting. He’s also a decent sword and armour smith, but would probably only look at commission work that’s a challenge for him in some way. He wouldn’t do a bog-standard breastplate, he’d want to make one inlaid with magic sapphires that grant strength or something.

He’s also dead in canon, so would hopefully be resurrected on arrival in a shiny new body entirely free of arrow-holes.

[Game Specific]

Character class: Wizard!

Why your character would be that class:

I like playing wizards.

Also the other classes I’d considered for him don’t fit quite as well. He isn’t particularly noble or good-hearted so I don’t think a Prince, even if he is one by birth, and he isn’t really such a great fighter, so have discarded Knight. Also I’ve played him in another RPG where he learned various unwholesome magical arts from the dark powers, and he had far too much fun with them. I think he’ll approach magic scientifically, binding it into his crafting, and it’ll be a good fit with his character.
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Curufin, part 3

[personal profile] wood_elf 2012-01-02 06:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Powers/skills to be gained by being that class:

Curufin’s family have a fire theme running (his father was Fëanor, the Spirit of Fire) so being able to indulge his pyro tendencies and chuck fireballs about might please him. What he’s really interested in, though, is manipulating the power of life and death – necromancy, basically, in its traditional RPG sense. Being dead himself, this is a cause close to his heart, and the idea of having obedient zombie minions appeals to him. He always seemed like someone who would be vulnerable to going over to the Dark Side, and without his family to hold him back, he’s free to dabble.

I’m not planning to have him use naughty magic a lot, though, given how it is likely to be received – fire and negative energy spells, harm, inflict curses, disease, that kind of thing. I’m happy to have some kind of limit put on magic use, such as he has to prepare them in the morning a la D&D, or can only use so much magic per day before becoming exhausted – whatever works best for game balance and avoiding super over powered wizards.

Also, language-wise – in canon he speaks Quenya, Sindarin, probably a few other in-world languages, but nothing from our world. If I may, I’d like to give him English just so communication doesn’t become a total pain.


Log sample: Curufin didn’t normally dream, and when he did, it was about sensible things. He could only put this image flickering into his mind down to severe blood loss, or the effect of his brother Amrod shaking him and yelling at him to stay with us - as if he wasn’t trying to do just that, and he’d much rather be staying with them than having some strange dream about one of his mother’s story books, the tickling of her copper hair against his cheek and the rustle of pages as she held it open at a particular page and read in her slow, sonorous voice – but he wasn’t listening to the words. It was the picture that had captured his attention.

The picture was of a bearded man in a robe wearing a pointy hat and wielding a staff – one of the Maiar, Curufin guessed. He wasn’t sure why they dressed like that, but it did lend a certain… mystique. But now his mother was doing it wrong, she’d shifted him onto her other knee and let the pages fall from her fingers, losing their place. He wanted to voice his displeasure and tell her to tell the story properly, but he found he had no breath to do so. Nor could he see, after that. He was floating. Perhaps they’d put him to bed.

It was a pleasant enough sleep, then, with no further dreams. When he awoke the sun was on his face, the sky was blue, white fluffy clouds scudded by and the air was filled with the voices of songbirds.

He sat up and felt his chest. Breathing was going a lot better now, and he noted that while chainmail and Feanorian tabard had been replaced with heavy robes, his body was reassuringly no longer studded with arrows. It didn’t make sense. Perhaps this was Mandos, but he felt far too corporeal to be a disembodied spirit. Still, he was warm, safe, and not being brought to account for his deeds right at that moment.

Today, he thought, looked set to be a fine day.

Orb sample:

[Curufin appears, the picture of Noldorin handsomeness, soot-smudged and with no eyebrows]

… this is… ah.

Is it usual in this place to experience random discharges of fire from your fingers?

It’s not something I’ve ever suffered from before, but perhaps it’s a side effect of this… state. Or this place. Or the composition of the air here.

I wonder if anyone may be able to shed some light?

[eyes his hands suspiciously, one of which is still faintly smoking]


Thanks for taking the time to read – if there’s anything I can amend or tweak to make it better, please let me know. :)

Re: Approved!

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JW | Original Character

[personal profile] goldeneyeball 2012-01-11 09:06 pm (UTC)(link)

I was told I could link to my application in a journal entry rather than posting it here. ;-; I'm afraid I'll leave something out copy/pasting durrr.

Einmal Application for JW
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Loki / Marvel (MCU)

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A link! If you'd rather me post it here, let me know, and I can do so.

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Dark | DNAngel | 1/4

[personal profile] ex_apaintingdarkly917 2012-01-14 11:14 pm (UTC)(link)

Name/Handle: Alex
Age: still 19
Plurk: flamingchemist
Current Characters: Princess Tatra

Character Name: Dark Mousy (or Kokuyoku, Black Wings in English)

Source: DNAngel

Dark | DNAngel | 2/4

[personal profile] ex_apaintingdarkly917 2012-01-14 11:15 pm (UTC)(link)
Personality: At first glance, Dark is the epitome of confidence and cool. Every move he makes is made with purpose, every action followed through to its intended end regardless of obstacles. From his cool exterior it wouldn’t appear that the Phantom Thief cares much about anyone other than himself, but this is not true at all. In fact, he can be seen many times throughout the series saving people that a cold hard criminal such as himself might otherwise have left behind. The people who are important to him, or even just important to people who are important to him, are given special attention.
Although it is a form of selfishness, Dark goes to great lengths to protect Daisuke, the owner of Dark’s current body. He does not simply protect the body, but works also to protect his feelings and at times his future. He even speaks to Risa, the object of Daisuke’s affection, in order to bridge a temporary gap between them. Risa can be a bother to him, but Dark takes special care to ensure her safety as she recklessly goes after him time and again.
He protects other people by acting aloof too. By his very nature Dark is a dangerous person to be close to. It is often his caring for other people that causes him to act cruelly. Other people’s lives are worth more to Dark than his own. If there is truly a life at stake, he will do whatever he can to protect the other person, even if it means breaking their heart in the cruelest way possible or sacrificing himself.
He can be very caring, but that isn’t to say that Dark is completely selfless. When it comes to stealing priceless works of art and the hearts of gorgeous young women, Dark can be ruthless. He takes advantage of every opportunity he gets. For all of his positive traits, Dark is only allowed to visit the waking world rarely and usually only long enough for him to steal something and disappear into the night. So much time spent in the darkness of the subconscious makes him restless and pushes him to action every time he has an opening.
Dark is a skilled charmer and a total lady’s man. These aren’t aspects of his ordinary personality, but rather something attained through effort and an inherent understanding of what women generally like in men. He has a talent for finding the way straight to a woman’s heart, be it through his good looks or just the right words. Stealing hearts is as much a hobby for Dark as stealing art. He has a sensitive romantic side that he guards by making light of such situations. He cannot have a true relationship himself due to the nature of his existence, so he acts aloof and wooes as many girls as he can in order to fill the hole left in his heart.
Much of Dark’s cool, confident exterior is in place to hide the deep pain he feels. He is an entity that cannot survive on his own. He must borrow the body of another in order to reveal himself, and even then he can only come out at certain times. When he has a body, he is essentially stealing time from that person and forcing them into an awkward situation they would not have chosen for themselves. On top of that, any use of Dark’s powers can be damaging to the owner of his body. Although Dark’s counterpart, Krad, is willing to make that sacrifice, Dark uses his powers as little as possible to spare Daisuke the pain. What he really wants is a life of his own as a normal human, but that is one thing he can never have.
Despite the deeper aspects of his personality, Dark can also be relatively shallow at times. He’s very proud, a trait which sometimes overcomes his better sense and makes him lose his cool. He can also be possessive, occassionally refering to Daisuke as his ‘possession’ and claiming that he only protects Daisuke because he’s a phantom thief and won’t allow others to steal what is his.
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Name/Handle: Kiki
Age: 20
AIM/YIM/MSN/Plurk/Etc: Aim- mskikiiv, plurk- mskiki
Current Characters: Momiji Sohma

Character Name: Gretel

Source: Hansel’s Eyes


While the story itself is short and gives us details mostly about the happenings rather than the feelings involved, we can deduce whom Gretel is as a person from those details given.
Gretel is a product of the environment she was raised in. The siblings have spent most of their lives being abused and neglected by their parents, and generally being made to feel as they were unwanted and unloved. Despite having been to the police after several abandonments, the children had received no sort of outside help for the obvious abuse. This sort of environment has given Gretel a reason to be distrustful of people outside her immediate circle, which is closed off to her brother, and to be wary of adults. She’s more likely to dismiss someone’s words as lies rather than believe them due to the amount of lies told to her by her stepparent. Specifically, she’s unlikely to believe someone cares about her or her wellbeing without suspecting them of having ulterior motives.

Gretel has the capacity to show cruelty far beyond that of a normal child. Gretel is quick to go for weapons when left alone in the city and contemplates murdering the witch shortly after meeting her. She cuts out Lazarus’s eye while the creature is alive, and by the end of the story is planning to murder her new stepmother. She doesn’t think twice about whether her actions are wrong or do not fit the crime, she believes herself to be justified.

She doesn’t see her own actions as bad, only the actions against her or her own are considered wrong doing. Her idea of ‘wrong’ can greatly vary and can be disproportionate to what actually occurred. She plans to kill her step mother without any real cause, the only lines we’re given is that the woman didn’t care for children. On the flip side, she gets over the witch’s primary occupation (harvesting organs from children) very quickly and doesn’t seem to mind working in the organ freezer. Any sort of unfavorable opinion or action against her brother garners a bad reaction from Gretel and will usually lead to a her attempting to punish the ‘wrong doer’.

Gretel is an extremely loyal person. She acts very protective of the few people she does care about and puts their wellbeing above her own. This is illustrated in how she acts with Hansel. She won’t leave him alone with the witch and gives up her freedom to ensure he’ll live. However her determination, even the kind that comes with her loyalty to someone, can be derailed at times. Gretel can be very focused on immediate tasks, but can lack focus for long term undertakings. This means she can be distracted by the things around her and by anything that seems interesting to a child. This is evident in how she lapses in her task to save Hansel when she begins to enjoy her magic lessons.

Gretel is also very resourceful and intelligent for a child. She makes makeshift weaponry, thinks up complex plans with the aid of her brother, and is capable of learning complex spells quickly and often with little instruction. She’s able to think quickly on her feet if the situation calls for it and absorbs information that she finds interesting like a sponge. That said, she still is only eleven and isn’t always prepared to deal with large, complex situations. At times, she gets frustrated or frightened by what she’s facing and needs encouragement to keep going.

Gretel is generally very brave for someone in her situation. She faces the witch and the deal with more courage than many adults could muster. This doesn’t mean the child is not afraid of things. On the contrary, Gretel admits to herself that she’s terrified of the witch. She is afraid of getting hurt, of letting Hansel get hurt, and shows fear when they wake up in the riot zone. She instead takes her fear and shoves it aside when she sees the need to rise to the occasion.

She tends to stop and think out all possibilities of an action before doing it, if she feels she has the time to do so. Since she has the ability to sense intent from spells, when she is faced with evil intent Gretel would much rather turn the other way than investigate it. From this, her preparedness when being abandoned and her actions with creating the makeshift knife, it can be deduced that Gretel has a very high sense of self preservation that can only be dampened by a situation that pits her well being against that of someone she cares about.

History/Pull Point:

Pull Point- Just after arriving back home and before her father offically remarries.

There isn’t any wiki available so I’ll summarize the story as thus:

Hansel and Gretel have grown up in an unstable household. Their stepmother has been verbally and physically abusive to them since early childhood, attempting several times to abandon the children in public places. Their father eventually got into the act, leaving the kids in the middle of the woods without food or shelter. After this event, the children realized that their lives were at stake and began to get prepared for the next attempt on them by the stepmother. One night Gretel had a dream that the stepmother was going to drug them, but she was unable to stop the event from happening. The children woke in the bad side of the city, one that had been roped off after a riot took place their weeks before. Realizing that they had been left their in hopes someone would kill or kidnap them, Gretel made a makeshift knife from broken glass and prepared to fight her way back to safety.

Unfortunately, safety is not what they found. Hansel spotted a game shop, and against his sister’s wishes entered and began to play with the consols within. Gretel sensed upon entering that there was something very wrong with the place and tried in vain to get her brother to leave. AS she was attempting to physical force him out the door, she was confronted by a dark woman whom would only introduce herself as a witch and the witch’s familiar, Lazarus. This witch was an organ thief who specialized in selling children’s body parts on the black market and whom used her magic to lure children into the game shop. She had already placed a mind control spell on Hansel to make him complacent, but saw potential in Gretel, whom could resistant and recognize the presence of the dark arts.

The witch made a deal with Gretel. If Gretel agreed to become an apprentice magic user to the witch, than Hansel would only lose his eyes. If Gretel refused, both children would be harvested for their organs. Gretel, fearing for her brother’s life, agreed to the terms as long as her brother would be kept otherwise safe.

Gretel lived an unspecified amount of time in the witch’s cavern under the shop. There she kept the organ freezer clean and organized, and learned spells from the witch. Her brother, who was locked in a cage in the cavern, remained under the witch’s spell for many weeks. Gretel spoke to him every night, trying what power she had to wake him.

Her attempts would prove successful, but at the wrong moment. Hansel revealed his spell was broken just as the witch had entered the cavern. Enraged that the children had been trying to deceive her, the witch decided to take one of Hansel’s eyes that very night and to do it in the most horrifying way she knew. She cast spells upon Gretel to take control of her body, using the girl to do the surgery. Hansel was not given any sort of medication to put him to sleep or numb the pain.

After this horrifying event, Gretel knew that she must kill the witch before either of them went through anymore. She and Hansel devised a plan to freeze the witch, using the nitroglycerin that was kept to help work the freezer. Gretel pretended that the freezer had broken and ruined the organs to trick the witch into entering. Once she had, Gretel pushed her into the vat of chemicals and shut her up in the room until she died. As the witch froze to death, Lazarus attacked the girl. It took both her and her brother to beat the creature and free Gretel from its jaws.

As the children recuperated from the event, Gretel made the announcement that Hansel should not have to go through life half-blind. She cut one of Lazarus’s eyes, and it should be noted the creature was still alive at the time, and used her powers to attach it to Hansel. Afterwards, the pair went back home.

When they arrived, their stepmother was so frightened by their sudden reappearance and her stepson’s unusual eye that she died of a heart attack on the spot. The story goes on to tell us that their father was planning to remarry and that the children planned to prevent their being another evil stepmother in their lives, leaving the wording off in such a way that implies the siblings were plotting murder.

Abilities/Special Powers/Non average skills:

In canon, Gretel has the ability to use ‘black’ magic through wandwork, herbal potions, and chanting.

Gretel will be bringing with her the three wands from the witch’s cavern. They are wands of ivory, jet, and bone, and these are what she uses to cast the more complicated spells, such as the organ attachment spell, with. She will also bring with her one of the knives she used in the cavern. This knife has no special properties other than being sharp.

[Game Specific]

Character class: Witch

Why your character would be that class:

Gretel is described canonically as being something between a full witch and a human on more than one occasion. She was born with the natural talents of magic, specifically divination and having a sixth sense. Over the course of the story she learns how to use spoken spells, wand work, and herbal based magic. She is described as having the knack for the dark arts, which is considered a remarkably rare talent in her world.

She herself is not a fully trained witch as of yet, which means her abilities often get the best of her and spells can go awry.

Powers/skills to be gained by being that class:

Magic. Her powers are already limited in that she has been only briefly trained.


Log sample:

A little girl, all in black is sitting in the forest in a circle of mushrooms, humming some nonsensical song. A pointed black hat sits just outside the fairy ring, and so do a basket of various flowers, vines, and leaves. She's got a knife in her hands and is carving something. The thing she's carving looks like a long wand and the material looks suspiciously like a bone.

Orb sample:

I'm not really a full witch, you know. It's not really right to call someone something that they're not yet. I like the hat though, so I’ll keep that.

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Anri Sonohara | Durarara!!

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wasalmostdaphne: (Artist and her Work)

Bay Kennish | Switched at Birth

[personal profile] wasalmostdaphne 2012-01-26 06:04 am (UTC)(link)

Name/Handle: Rakath
Age: Older than Windows for Workgroups.
AIM/YIM/MSN/Plurk/Etc: Rakath on Plurk, Rakath Chaos on AIM.
Email: rakath AT gmail DOT com

Character Name: Bay Madeline Kennish

Source: Switched at Birth

Personality: Bay lives a life that proves the world is full of strange events that steal away what should have been yours, and gives you something new you both love and hate. Forced into a situation making her feel alone, isolated, and different. A feeling she grew up with and eventually embraced to the point where it is her. She was switched, when she wasn’t even a day old, with another girl. An accident which set her on this path and made her who she is.

Her refuge from her life, how wrong and how weird she feels with her family and how many emotions she has over everything, is art. Bay’s isolation turned into creativity, any art caught her eye. However she was drawn most to the less... desired art. Street art was what she loved, the thing that made it all work for her. The ability to make a mark on the world, a lasting mark, excited her in ways she couldn’t begin to describe to her parents.

Her family is another point of confusion to her. She loves her parents, and her brother... most of the time. Her looking so different from them (and with no explanation for 16 years) was the first crack, but their focuses and her own were so misaligned she questioned if they were from the same planet. And when she found out they weren’t hers, they were someone else, she feared more than anything losing them. As this other girl, who had her life, en-crouched on what she had.

Bay’s usual reactions to things are defiant, letting her anger and fire push her to just make things worse. She faked a nose piercing after finding out about her being switched with Daphne, when she found out Daphne was dating her ex she had no issue throwing her new boyfriend (a family friend of Daphne’s in the other girl’s face. When she’s faced with immediate confrontation her usual answers are less than helpful as she almost always rises to the challenge even when she shouldn’t most days.

While she’s very in touch with her feelings, and she feels a lot of things, she’s bad at expressing them with words, stumbling over how to say things in a way to get her point across. She usually needs time and prep to temper her mood before she can do anything useful (or subtle). Otherwise her emotions play on her face like it were canvas, with very little room to hide her emotions.

History/Pull Point:
Pull Point is: After "Les Soeurs d'Estrées" (Season 1-Episode14) (Note: the wiki isn’t well updated, I can cover the missing four episodes of info but not enough happened to adjust her character/personality. If you need details on these episodes I can write a quick blurb about them.)

Abilities: Bay is an ordinary human, with ordinary human skills. Her primary ones being lying and art. She loves art and knows a vast about of art history and practical artistic skills. While spraypaint on walls is her favored method, any brush and paint will do and she’ll have something to work with. She can dance, but only for fun, no professional teaching in that regard. She knew how to play the piano, a skill probably weakened by lack of use in recent years. She’s athletic in practical uses only, she avoided team sports due to her family.

Lying and subterfuge are skills learned from having a rigid family structure she did her best to circumvent. Lying on the spot she’s not as skilled at, she needs to prep, but with prepwork she can casually lead conversations away from what she wants to avoid. Carrying all the confidence and directness needed to support her misdirections. She often feels bad about lying... but mostly its a tool when she decides things are really unfair.

Her languages are English and Sign Language, she has high school basic understandings of French, Spanish, and Italian (but not anything labeled as fluent). Her art backpack has morphed to fit the landscape of the world, so her spraypaints are now jars of paint, and her backpack is a bit more fantasy and less schoolyard.

[Game Specific]

Character class - Rogue: A Rogue’s skills are those of stealth and subtlety, they are masters at weaving through areas with the swiftness of wind and the quiet of night. Keen observers and masters of evading those that might thwart their less than ethical dealings. Rogues balance being a hunter and the hunted with grace and stunning flexibility. In either role, there is lots of running.

While these skills might suggest the Rogue is in line to be a villain, and not in the plans for the Champion of the world that couldn’t be further from the truth! A rogue can without question be the hero, just... they aren’t the hero a knight would respect until they find themselves in need of such a person.

Why your character would be that class: Bay’s hobby at home is that of a street artist, putting up beautiful murals, posters, and paintings on walls in the dead of night, for the world to question in the day. She’s tricky and devious and does not play well with societal rules. Thus a rogue who’s best skills are to subvert and defy the strong is best for her.

Powers/skills to be gained by being that class:
Flight of Feet - The first and main saving skill of all Rogues is their footwork. They walk through the world like a fish swims through the water, treating whatever is in their paths as a minor annoyance than a proper obstacle. Able to gingerly move through the world without disturbing it, and dance over roofs and through the woods as if at home on the move.
Nimble Fingers - The next is while their hands are not nearly as quick as their feet, they are still quite fast. Not as strong as a knight, they focus their talents in speed and accuracy. Yes, it can be used for stealing but that isn’t the only use. In Bay’s case she finds her brush moves faster without losing any precision she requires as an artist. (But grabbing the errant bag of gold off a table isn’t out of the question.)
Sense of the World - A Rogue is a hunter, chasing money, an idea, something they find desirable. But they are also prey, of the knights, other rogues, or anyone they might cross in these endeavors. So while most see a sea of chaos in the world, the Rogue can spot subtle things that keep them safe. When a man goes for a knife, if there are castle guards closing in, where the object of their desire is roaming in a crowd. The final trick to a Rogue’s playbook, a keen eye (and ear) for detail. Possibly enough of an eye for detail to counterfeit, when combined with her artistic talents and her other less ethical rogue abilities.
Arriving Equipment: Rogues begin wearing commoner’s clothes in dark and earthen colors (things that blend in rather than stand out), complete with a dark cloak and hood. Also equipped with a short blade, and barely a penny to their name. Thankfully Bay has a bag full of art supplies with her as well, to work a (modest) legitimate trade.


Log sample: “Stupid. Fantasy. World. Needs. Paint. Stores,” Bay sat grinding materials to make paint with. A skill she so did not need to learn, but apparently it was a requirement here. She would never take the 20 minute drive to the art store for granted anymore, being able to just buy pre-made paint in reasonable quantities would be a blessing. Also, arriving broke, not fun!

This place had to be some sick joke, some penance for being a drama queen, wanting too much from everything, or something. She’s gone from a boyfriend she really really loves, two families that at least make the world make sense, and having a pretty good life to some stupid fantasy world where she can’t even paint without a few hours grinding up the paints herself.

She thought about this place, and how she’d wished to be away from all the drama back home... stupid non-specific wish. “The only good thing from all this,” Bay was talking to herself, a habit she had from time to time when working through things, “I kinda love the clothes here. Just not the stuff the royals wear, who came up with those dresses.” She smiled as she figured her mom and Daphne would probably love them... at least for some of the time.

Orb sample: Right, so now that I’ve ruled out accidental drug use and nervous breakdown... what the hell is going on here?

If I’ve been kidnapped by a Lord of the Rings fanclub it would be nice to know who I will need to exact vengeance on. Because this looked so much better as a book than in real life, and I do not have time for all this.
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Flora | WInx Club

[personal profile] magicalflowers 2012-01-26 09:16 am (UTC)(link)

Name/Handle: Lia
Age:23 as of a week or two ago
AIM/YIM/MSN/Plurk/Etc: AIM and Plurk: faysdarkangel
Current Characters: None

Character Name: Flora

Source: Winx Club

When Flora was first introduced in the show, she appears to be a girl who is very shy and doesn't exactly stand out as much as the others in one-way or another, but that's usually at the start. Once she is a closer friend with the group she has shown to actually care for them, this even includes Stella, who a lot of the time has shown to pick on her wardrobe at least once.

When it comes to people, animals and even plants; the very thing that her winx is about, she is a very kind and gentle person, who would help them in anyway she can to make sure they are okay and are taken care of, she even has shown to be helpful even to people she doesn't know, like when someone who helped Bloom with the witches was turned into a pumpkin, Flora was the one who was trying to figure out the spell to change the girl back. This can also show she does have some determination when needed in order to get something done, even if it does take time.

Much like her spells that she uses, Flora isn't one to really want to fight; instead she is more of the defensive and supportive roles, being used as a distraction of some sort for a brief period. The same could be said for outside of battle as well, she would prefer to settle things without having to fight. Because of this it makes expressing how she feels hard, because she doesn't want to hurt others or cause any type or fight or argument to come about.

Flora maybe the quietest one of the group and the most shy, but as her friends give her more confidence to be able to do things, she's slowly starting to speak a tiny bit more and therefore grows a stronger bond with those she is rooming with. Overall she is a very sensitive girl, who would project her friends with her life and also doesn't want plants and the like to be hurt either.

When Flora finally does have a love interest in Season 2, she has trouble approaching it correctly, if at all, as she had stated herself 'Girls in her world don't make the first move.' but with enough confidence she managed to confront Helia about it. This shows that even though she said she wouldn't make the first move, with enough confidence she can do anything if she has people eventually helping her to by talking.

As noted above Flora would do anything for her friends and even her family, even if it means putting her life in danger to save them. An example of this would be the moment she got her Enchantix, she risked her life in order to save her little sister from drowning and dying in a affected river the Trix had made happened.

She does have some fight in her, but it's not as obvious as some of the other since if given a choice she'd rather not, unless it's a life or death situation.

When it comes to honesty, Flora is the girl who is extremely honest; she is a kind girl and wouldn’t be one to lie to anyone, no matter what it was because after all it hurts more to lie than to speak the truth.

History/Pull Point:

I am pulling her from The Secret of the Lost Kingdom just after they graduate and Flora becomes guardian of her home world

Abilities/Special Powers/Non average skills:
As a Winx fairy, Flora harnesses the power of plants and nature. With her original Winx form it comes with some spells that she can use, but unlike a lot of the other members of the Winx club, Flora's powers are more used for defensive purposes rather than for attack.

The next level for a winx fairy to achieve would be Enchantix, which Flora has managed to attain by saving her little sister from danger. This comes with a new form and new powers and more powerful spells than she could get from her normal winx outfit she had. Though with the Enchantix she also has a power called Fairy Dust that has been known to work on any type of dark spell that has been cast on anything.

Along with the spells that she could use in her Winx forms, Flora knows other spells that can fix plants as well as other minor spells that they learn throughout their time at school. Flora on the other hand can also mix up potions that can create different effects, one example being a potion that can multiply a plant when the potion hits the object she wants to multiply.

She also has a connection to plants and nature in general since that's what her winx is based from; so looking after plants is much easier for her than possibly others as she would know what is needed. She can also listen to nature and hear what it's saying.

[Game Specific]

Character class: Princess

Why your character would be that class:
For starters Flora is a very kind-hearted person, she would be one to help defend those that need it and help them in anyway possible.

Powers/skills to be gained by being that class:
The ability to call small critters, anything larger than say a rabbit or a fox isn’t possible.


Log sample:
Flora had no idea where exactly she was. Only moments ago she remembered the feeling of being connected to the plants and nature itself, upon the fact she was graduating from Alfea, after three long years. But now, she had found herself in a completely new place and in new clothes that she was certain she had never seen or worn before. Feeling something upon her head, she raised her hand to try and feel what was there. It was a tiny little crown, or she hoped was one as she once again look at her new surroundings.

“I wonder if the plants can tell me where I am?” She said to herself as she closed her eyes, trying to focus on the task at hand. When nothing came to her, she opened them once more, worried about what exactly was going on. She knew something seemed off as she started to finally walk. Looking around at the sight, she tried to get her head around it all, but so far no luck in figuring out just what world she had ended up in and how she got here… was pretty much a blur. While deep in though, she once again closed her eyes, feet still walking forwards as she went, trying to once again get in tune with nature, but once again not much happened.

Finally stopping, she opened her eyes only to see instead a small bird sitting on her shoulder. “Oh, I wonder when you got here?” Reaching her hand over, she lightly patted the bird on it’s head and was rather surprised when it didn’t try and fly away.

“Hm, well, I uses this is more confusing than I first thought. I should really go and try and see if there is anyone about to tell me where I am.”

With this new thought in mind, Flora was determined to find a way back and back to her friends.

Orb sample:
[Flora was quietly sitting on the ground, her left hand busy digging various holes in the dirt beneath her. She seemed to be happy doing this, as she held some seeds within her right hand.]

Hopefully these will grow to become big and healthy plants that these people can harvest later.

[She starts to put the seeds into the soil, using her hands to then cover them up before standing up.]

Now that they are planted, lets get some water for them; they’ll need it after all.

[With a smile she clapped her hands together.]

So, that’s the carrots sorted, now what should I try and grow next?
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Damn mistake. My name is Lisa not Lia x.x


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Tony Stark | Iron Man 1 & 2

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Name/Handle: Heidi
Age: 29
AIM/YIM/MSN/Plurk/Etc: AIM: Sunlightrhapsody, Plurk: Lunenightingale
Current Characters: N/A

Character Name: Anthony “Tony” Stark

Source: Marvel Movies Iron Man and Iron Man 2

Character History/Information
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The Lady Sif || Thor

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Reservation for Clint Barton | Marvel Comics~

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Name/Handle: El
Age: 32
AIM/YIM/MSN/Plurk/Etc: AIM: thisisel
Current Characters: N/A

Character Name: Clint Barton- Hawkeye

Source: Marvel Comics


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likea_gerbil: (The Uniform Finally Fits)

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Name/Handle: Selina
Age: 36
AIM/YIM/MSN/Plurk/Etc: sfgirlfriday on AIM and starfleetgirlfriday on plurk
Current Characters: None

Character Name: Captain Steve Rogers

Source: Captain America: the First Avenger/Avengers (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

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Alanna | Tamora Pierce's Tortall Series | 1/4

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Name/Handle: Alex
Age: 19
Plurk: flamingchemist
Current Characters: Tatra, (Dropping Dark)

Character Name: Sir Alanna of Pirate’s Swoop and Olau

Source: Tamora Pierce’s Tortall Series (Song of the Lioness, The immortals, Protector of the Small, Daughter of the Lioness)
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Alanna | Tamora Pierce's Tortall Series | 2/4

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Alanna can be described most simply as a fire type personality. Pierce makes this clear in her early (and very symbolic-reliant) writing by giving her red hair and fierce, purple eyes. Later Alanna even receives a magical token from the Goddess in the form of an ember. Fire magic is, apart from healing, Alanna’s greatest magical skill. The fire imagery associated with the Lioness of Tortall is intense and very clear, and as such core to understanding her personality. Almost every one of her personality traits (apart from her resistance to true love earlier in the series) are textbook traits associated with fire. The only real trait that breaks this pattern is her stubbornness, a trait more often associated with Earth than Fire in typical divination, but not unexpected in a fire type. Her stubborn streak is every bit as long as her angry and violent streak, traits that stick with her throughout her entire life, even after she has children and is growing too old to remain in constant battle.

The first thing we learn about Alanna is that once she has decided what she wants, she will strive to no end to obtain it. Her plans may be impulsive, misled, ill-advised and even downright insane, but she will see it through to the end and stop at nothing until she has achieved her goal or been thoroughly convinced that her goal is no longer what she wants. When she decides to disguise herself as a boy in order to train for knighthood, she briefly considers the massive roadblocks that will stand in her way, but simply waves them off as something she’ll “come to when she gets there.” It takes a massive amount of determination to see such a ludicrous, poorly-planned operation through to it’s end over the course of the four years between joining the academy and attaining knighthood.

Although there are politics and secrets involved that force her to hold her tongue during her training, later in her life Alanna is never afraid to speak her mind. She is one of the few knights in the land who is more than willing to argue with her king, at least in private. Although arguably this could be because of their previously intimate relationship, it has been shown throughout the series that Alanna is lacking in the proper respect for authority. The only reason she obeys is because of the strict rules governing her era.

She is stubborn, fierce, and thinks for herself, but Alanna is a stickler for the rules, even when she hates them. The Rules of Chivalry are strict, complicated, and in Alanna’s world, absolute. Even if her opponent is willing to disregard such rules, Alanna will stick to them until the bitter end. In the heat of battle she is often able to keep a cool head, but even when she loses her temper at an inopportune moment the rules of chivalry are her first thought. She even apologizes to a boy who is obviously trying to kill her when she hits him during a fight in a way that is considered disrespectful.

She will fight the rules and any other authority tooth and nail, but she knows her place and will follow them no matter how ridiculous the situation might seem. Even through her highly illegal masquerade as a boy, she is fully prepared to leave court in shame and go on adventures armed only with the knowledge that she was good enough to obtain knighthood.

Despite her hard work and great skill, Alanna has humility drilled into her by the code of chivalry that she holds so dear. She will never hesitate to give credit where credit is due, and often diverts praise away from herself and towards whoever else was involved, whether they are underappreciated or expected to be great. Others in her position might be, but Alanna is no glory-hound. A noble’s pride will take her far enough to be enraged at any insult to herself or her friends, but she is not too proud to accept help when she needs it or to recognize help when she has received it.

It has been said in narration and by various other characters that the Lady Knight has a fierce temper that “gets the better of her”. There are times when she tries to control it, but for the most part it seems beyond Alanna to hold back her own temper. This temper of hers is so famous that the king ordered that she could not challenge men to a duel on personal grounds. The King’s Champion couldn’t be spending all of her time fighting others for her own honor.

In fact, the Lioness has very little sense of humor to speak of. She hates to be teased (although she allows her husband George to get away with it), although she can tell the difference between teasing and serious insult. She is a very serious knight, a wonderful foil to George’s constant jokes and lackadaisical lifestyle.

Despite all of the qualities that make Alanna an ideal knight and a great asset to her kingdom as King’s Champion, her impulsiveness can often get her into trouble. It is only with the help of the Goddess who has chosen Alanna as her ward that she gets out of some of the worst predicaments, predicaments she usually gets into due to bad planning or some short-cut gone horribly wrong. Impulsiveness matched with a quick temper is rarely a good combination, and can also lead to the teenage cliché of saying something really cruel that you might have actually meant to some extent, but that you never meant to tell someone. This happens with Jonathan when they have their falling out. Later in her life her temper becomes to famous that people try not to be too offended when she says something cruel, but in her early life (and with people who don’t her reputation) Alanna has the potential to throw a serious wrench into her relationships. For the most part, the kingdom doesn’t trust her much politically for this reason.

Another great reason that the kingdom doesn’t trust her politically is because she hates the political way of thinking. Trickery and strategizing for the long term have never been strong points for Alanna. She would much prefer a simple battle plan, to charge into the fray, and to take whatever comes her way sword in hand. She was even dubious at the appointment of King’s Champion. She fears being tied down or given serious responsibilities. She is able to overcome this fear enough to get married and have children, but even then she is off adventuring for the majority of her life and misses out on a good deal of her children’s childhoods.

She can also be overbearing with people at times. Her daughter receives the brunt of this treatment as the one child who doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life. Alianne describes her mother’s energy as a “fearsome thing” when Alanna decides to make her her ‘project’ in her time home from the war that seems to be constantly waging in one part of the world or another. Once Alanna sets her mind to a thing, she goes about it with a fervor to match her fiery hair. Sometimes she forgets herself in her ventures and doesn’t stop to consider what the other person might want or how they might feel about the project or the attention. Alanna’s will is so strong that she hates sitting still, and always wants to be making herself useful. She needs to feel like she’s really accomplishing something. In this sense she considers a warrior’s work one of the most important in the land, as she implies to her daughter who is asking to work as a spy. As a warrior she can accomplish something concrete.

Above all else, Alanna must always feel useful. It is in fact because of this quirk that she masters a large number of the skills she has. Several of the weapons she can use she picked up in spare time between fights in the midst of a serious battle. Even her healing powers were learned over time when there was little else for her to do but preoccupy herself healing the sick. She gets nervous when there isn’t anything useful for her to do, which is part of the reason she throws herself into things with such enthusiasm. Nothing she chooses to do is done half-heartedly. In most cases even things she does not wish to do she will complete to the best of her abilities.

Although people have accused her of attaining her knighthood and fame through trickery and magic, the truth of the matter is that Alanna is a hard worker. She works much harder than most of the others who were training to be knights to prove to herself as well as them that she is capable, and she does it in secret. She is one of a very few nobles who will take it upon herself to work from dawn until midnight training simply to prove that she has a right to be where she is.

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RESERVE: Thor || Thor / The Avengers [movies]

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Name/Handle: Mina
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Character Name: Thor Odinson

Source: Movie/s

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